Видеокнига: AutoTune 5 Explained" (Видеообучение работе с программой для коррекции вокала)

Производитель: Grooveboxmusic
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: Описание с оф. сайта:
Auto-Tune Explained - Antares Authorized Video Tutorials
Officially authorized by the makers of Auto-Tune, Antares Audio Technologies, this collection of video tutorials will leave no questions unanswered. Shot entirely with Auto-Tune 5, the series contains 13 in-depth video tutorials running over 1 hour in length.
“Auto-Tune Explained!” covers every feature and function that Auto-Tune has to offer including both Auto and Graphic Modes, setting up Auto-Tune in your favorite DAW, as well as tips and tricks on how to achieve today’s popular “over-tuned” vocal effects. You will know how to tune vocals and other instruments like a pro after watching this series!
Видео: MOV (CoreAVC Video Decoder) 1000 x 562
Аудио: ffdshow Audio Decoder

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